21 Podcasts to Inspire You, Your Creativity, and Your Heart

Hey crafty pals! I don't know about you, but I LOVE to listen to podcasts. They're my go-to while I'm crafty, cleaning, driving, etc. Today I want to share with you 10 podcasts that I am loving for inspiration. Whether it's the content, the podcaster(s), or the overall theme - these podcasts amp me up and make me feel ready to take on the world (or my crafty space)!


These podcasts range from getting crafty to running a creative business, and more! I've broken them up into categories so you know which ones you should check out, based on your interests!

Rather than giving you a full description of each (because that's what the podcast description is for), I've listed them by name as you should search for them in your podcast app. Along with that - some of these podcasts are no longer running, but the episodes that are still available are great and totally worth binge-listening to!


Hey Crafty Babes

The Scrap Gals Podcast

How She Creates

Pocket Talk

Make It Happen

Elise Gets Crafty

100 Creatives

Crafty Ass Female


The First Love Club

The Influence Podcast


The Goal Digger Podcast

The Creative Empire Podcast

The Influencer Podcast

Being Boss

Strategy Hour


Magic Lessons

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Pursuit with Purpose

Good Life Project

Random Favorites

(These are random podcasts that I love and listen to regularly. You might like them too!)

Ear Biscuits

I Brew My Own Coffee

I know I definitely missed some good ones here, so leave your recommendations below! Let's make this one huge list to use as a resource and share with others!