3 Ways to Beat Creative Block

Hey Crafty Pals!

I'm so excited to be back today chatting about something we all face at one time or another - creative block. Ugh, it's the worst!

I face some form of creative block at least once or twice a month, sometimes more. I know I'm not the only one - the creative mind sometimes just gets stuck. Whether you have too many ideas, not enough ideas, or you're just tired and don't have the energy to create, I wanted to share a few of my tried and true tips to beat that creative block!



Even as an introvert, when I attend creative networking events, I always leave feeling fired up and ready to go! Meeting other people that are so excited to hear about what I do makes me excited to talk about it, and then go home and DO it!

(Did you catch this recent Instagram post? It was all about celebrating ACTION, not ideas. SO important as a creative trying to achieve goals!)

If you have the opportunity to go to a local networking event and talk with creatives (in real life, not on the internet), I definitely recommend it. You will get so much out of it!


Like I said, I'm a seasoned professional when it comes to creative block. Sometimes, I just take it easy for about a week and in that time I read my favorite blogs and sites through and through. Enjoying other creative work reminds me why I love doing it myself and why I do it. This simple trick has helped me get back in the groove of things so many times!


Don’t try to force it. If you’re not feeling creative, sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back and let it sit. Maybe take a walk, have coffee with a friend, spend the day thinking of anything but creating. Now, this is easier said than done, especially if you make a living with your creative work. BUT! Sometimes your mind just needs a break. So, if you can’t escape the entire day, try an afternoon, or the morning.

It’s important to remember that creativity usually doesn’t just come back in a day or afternoon. Sometimes it can take a week, or even a couple weeks! Don’t beat yourself up, it will get there eventually!

What are your favorite ways to beat creative block? Hit that comment button and let me know – chances are, I need to give them a try!

CreativeSuzanna Stein