Keeping Track of Crafty Projects & Ideas

Today I want to chat about something that we all have deal with - keeping track of current & future projects, and avoiding creative overwhelm from too many ideas.

With 2018 quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to look at the past year of craftiness and plan for the year to come. This planning includes projects you'd like to start, ideas you have for upcoming projects, finishing projects you've began but not finished, etc.


When I start planning my year of creative projects, I start by splitting things up into two categories: ideas and projects.

Ideas: These are thoughts you have and would like to think more about/expand on. 

Projects: Projects are developed ideas that you've thought through, are ready to plan for, and eventually begin working on.

Now, let's get into it!

Keeping Track of Project Ideas

When I get ideas for creative projects, I usually scribble them down on a piece of paper or a post-it note. Then later, I add them to my idea tracker. I've found there are a couple key things I like to include when keeping track of ideas: the general project/project name and a few notes about what it is.

Once I'm ready to start working on that idea and turning it into a project, I record the start date and a note about where I can find my detailed notes on the project. 

When On-the-Go

It's no secret that some of our best ideas hit us at the most inconvenient times - in the shower, when we're trying to fall asleep, or when we're on-the-go. I wanted to share a few ideas for remembering those ideas so you can add them to your tracker when you return home.

These are the tools I use to remember my project ideas: a small notebook that I carry with me or keep my by bed, voice memo on my phone, the notes app on my phone or iPad, and sometimes I will just send myself a text (and leave it unread so I remember to look at it later).

Staying on Track with Current & Upcoming Projects

Once I am ready to start one of my ideas and turn it into a working project, I start a "project tracker" for it. On this project tracker I keep track of the project name, a few notes about the project, items I may need to buy, sketches of ideas for the project, and my overall project progress.

Using a project tracker allows me to start a project, leave it to work on another project, then go back to the first project and pick up right where I left off. It also reminds me of all the details of that project so I can keep working without missing a beat.

Project Planner/Binder

I keep my project notes, lists, trackers, etc. in a project planner. For me, this is just an A6 planner filled with idea logs, project trackers, notes, and extra paper for scribbling. Your project planner may look different. It's important to tailor your project planner to you and your needs so it becomes a resource you want to grab when inspiration hits.

I hope these tips give you a little encouragement or a place to start with both your business and personal goals! Remember, it takes time and you’ve totally got this!


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