5 Tips for Easy Memory Keeping On-the-Go

We travel a lot and I love to document our trips - both big and small. Over time, I've found my groove with memory keeping on-the-go, but when I first started I had a rough time. I rarely finished a travel album, brought way too many supplies, and focused on memory keeping so much that I missed crucial moments in our trips.

I wanted to share 5 key tips with you that I've learned about memory keeping while traveling. My hope is that with these tips you'll be able to enjoy your vacation, while also documenting your memories and finding your on-the-go style!


Only Bring What You'll Use

Make a list of the things you'll need to do a minimal memory keeping project, then narrow it down, and narrow it down again. Seriously. Challenge yourself to bring 1/4 of the supplies you actually think you'll need. Not only will this make you more creative with the items you did bring and items you collect on the way, but you'll learn how to document the moments rather than focusing on the decorations.

Every single time I pack crafting supplies for a trip I make a comment about how I'm not sure if I've brought everything I'll need. And every single time I only end up using half of the items I brought. 

Don't Overcomplicate It

The first few trips I tried memory keeping on, I made things super complicated. I made rules for myself about what I would document about, the format I would follow, and the things I would document while traveling versus the things I would document when returning home.

What I've learned from this is that the more you complicate things, the less motivated you will be to do those things. Go with the flow, document the things that make you happy, and don't worry about anything else. Even if you document the exact same photos and moments when you return home, you'll end up doing it in a completely different way than you originally did while on your trip!

Do the Bulk of it When You Get Home

This tip is one that seriously set me free. I set zero expectations for myself for documenting while traveling. Anything I do is a bonus that I cherish and love, but is totally not necessary because I always do an official travel album when I return home.

Freeing myself from getting every single moment down allows me to document the silly things, the small things I would normally forget, and the things that don't really seem that important at the time. Then when I return home, I do a bulk print of all my photos and create a simple pocket page album with the entire trip.

Stop Stressing & Enjoy Your Trip

The most important tip I can give you for documenting on-the-go is to have fun with it! Stop stressing about how you're getting memories down and just do it. Whether that means scribbling little moments and notes on a folded up piece of paper, using a traveler's notebook, or even a sketch book - do what feels right for you and forget everything else.

I consider myself a seasoned travel documenter and even I have trips where I have a couple days missing from my on-the-go travel album. That's 100% okay! I know that I was enjoying my time during those days and will remember those moments in my full album later on.

Learning to memory keep while traveling is a skill you learn over time. Don't beat yourself up if you overpack a few times while learning your travel crafting style. I'm still perfecting my packing list after years of on-the-go memory keeping!

Don't forget the main reason you document your travels - to remember the moments and experiences you have, to exercise the creative side of your brain, to relax, and to enjoy yourself. 

If you have additional tips, be sure to share them in the comments below!