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In an effort to make it easier to find current downloads before memberships are made unavailable, I have removed all downloads except those that were missing from the library. If you did not have a chance to download a certain item, please send me a quick email and I will happily send it over!

Please Note: All downloads are copyright The Creatives Club, and are for personal use only.

February Downloads

"All of Me" Art Print

This hand-drawn art print can be used in a variety of ways - use it as decor in your crafty space, in your next art journaling layout, etc.

This PDF is sized to print 8.5x11"


10 Creative Journaling Prompts

Use these creative journaling prompts to spark creativity. Journal about the prompt, then get crafty with it!



Hello, Spring! Journal Cards

Use this set of 4 journal cards to document the start of spring. Whether you scrapbook, create traveler's notebook layouts, or pocket pages - this set of cards will bring a pop of color to your project(s)!

Download #3


Remaining January Downloads


Color Swatch Palettes

Keep your products and colors organized with these color swatch palettes! This file contains 3 sizes for use in your favorite album or book.